Friday, February 4, 2011


Melanie and I have ebook readers from two different suppliers and we have found some advantages to both.
Melanie has a kindle and loves it! It`s thin light and runs for hours without a re-charge. One thing I have noticed is that the screen always looks very similar to a real book and works very well in sunlight. Kindle ebooks are very easy to order and download through Amazon.
I have a Pandigital Novel which is full color and touch screen. The ebooks come from Barnes & Noble just like the Nook by B & N. Reading at night is as easy as reading a book on a computer screen. Also the Novel is running droid as the platform so I can email, surf the web, watch video`s, listen to music etc...
One downside is the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight. I love some of the features available on the Novel like the calendar and email. Both of these functions allow me to keep my Painting business at my fingertips wherever I go. Overall we both love our ereaders and will never go back to paper books as long as ebooks are available. Anybody want to buy some bookshelves? :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Multiple Sources Of Income

I had no idea how it would happen but it is happening. Not as fast as I thought but what ever happens as fast as we want?  
When starting this blog, I wrote that somehow a global blog would be built but I had no idea of how. As I wrote posts, the topics were only on thoughts, books, Leadership etc. and then I write a post about a goal I had set for myself and my family which was/is to generate several sources of income to create financial stability and secure our future. When I wrote the post "Creating Multiple Sources Of Income" it was during a time of soul searching after a business decision that nearly wiped out our income. No regrets, I would make the same decision again given the same circumstances. Without all the juicy details, I will say that when it comes to a decision of hurting people or losing my income, I will choose broke before I deliberately sacrifice the integrity of a friendship. Good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep.
Over time the post has generated a huge amount of traffic to this blog and the readers are from all over the globe. The trouble I see is that not many stay and read more and fewer comment. So I re read the post and realized that it has a narrow scope based on the circumstances I had recently experienced. I won`t appologize for this but will continue to give thoughts on the topic of creating  multiple streams of income. I still believe that having all your eggs in one basket is a risky proposition and would encourage anyone no matter what their social/economical status is, to always keep an entreprenurial spirit about them.
The original post did not give direct attention to a "normal" job with a "normal" company and really was not targeting an audience of corporate fast trackers or career builders. The main reason is because at the time I was self employed and zoned in on the entrepenuer side of the coin. Also, I did not believe that I would draw the attention of someone looking for a job. I am sure of this now, because noone has sent me a resume:)
As for the topic of creating multiple streams of income, I am staying with the idea that you need to be always looking for and obtaining more than one source of income, especially in these economic times.
The rules are changing and security in any one source is limited. As for what to do, I believe what Paul Pilzer wrote in the next ten million millionaires..... The service industry is the wave of the future.
For now I will end with this:
Always be looking. Think in terms of servicing 80 million baby boomers. What new services are coming our way to fill new needs? This is where thinking outside of the box is crucial, we need to think farther ahead than "Friday" or "Spring" or someday.  Begin to look at what is producing now that did not even exist 3 to 5 years ago and think forward to what will exist that we are not even thinking about today.

Or are we?

On with the journey,

John Morgan

Friday, March 13, 2009

Facing Your Giants

Whatever your plan, whatever your goal, whatever your dream, you will face some giants along the way that will test your faith. One of my all time favorite movies that exemplifies this is Facing The Giants. This movie was unlikely to ever make it as a box office hit for many reasons, but did. Millions of copies of the DVD have been sold across the globe and the movie theaters sold out everywhere. Still today, three years after it`s release, Facing the Giants is continuing to have an impact on our culture.

Another "Unlikely" took place this week, I/We got to meet Steve Williams who played the role of Larry Childers in Facing the Giants. In this role, Mr. Childers is bound to a wheelchair from Multiple Sclerosis. In the final play against the Giants, Mr. Childers stands from his wheelchair and leans his body against a fence behind the goal posts and raises both arms in the air as his son David attempts to kick a field goal longer than he has ever done. A powerful scene! (go watch the movie for the rest of the story.)
Larry Childers (Steve Williams) in real life works as a Regional Manager for an Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer. Steve travels throughout the U.S. as part of his occupation and Iowa is a frequent visit for him. What we learned from meeting Steve is that when he visits here, he takes his evenings to reach out to churches, schools and organizations, sharing a message of "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26. He does this on his time and his dime! There was no charge! just come and listen! He drove from Des Moines to Bondurant IA to meet people at the Bondurant High School. What an example!
He shares his faith and encourages everyone to follow God`s plan in all that they do. Steve`s message of handing everything over to God is loud and clear as he unfolds the story of how a small church in Albany Georgia and two brothers come to make a movie like Facing the Giants. God had a plan long before the movie was ever made and He was and is in control of that plan, say`s Steve. Our job is to give everything over to God, and he will reveal his plan to all of us.

Meeting Steve has been a blessing to us. We were able to have some time with him before he went back to Des Moines and we took some pics. to remind us of him.
A special thanks goes to Randy and Andee Duffy for somehow arranging the meeting with Steve and for snapping some pics for us and going the extra mile to make sure we got them. You two are clearly servants and we hope to get to know you more.
Here is one of the shot`s Andee Duffy took for us

Here`s a pic from my phone. Good Phone, Lousy Camera.

That`s Sierra in the Middle (sorry Winky)

Final Note:

  • Go get a copy of Facing The Giants and see for yourself the impact one movie can can have on your life and on culture. We need more movies like this!

John C. Maxwell Quote: "What an uplifting story of faith overcoming fear! We live in a world where fear and bad news seem to dominate our thoughts. It`s good to know someone is putting a positive message in the movies that will encourage people from all walks of life."

  • Share with us your own experience from watching the movie in the comments section.
  • Be bold in sharing your faith, hand this DVD to someone. People need God in their lives.
  • Always remember that God has a plan for you and "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

On With The Journey,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Solid Foundation

Recently I joined a group of men on what simply can be called a journey, beginning with a solid foundation. The foundation is trust. Every person involved is part of the group because of trust and trustworthiness. Each agrees that with trust as the foundation, the longevity of the group is inevitable. This is a "good" group of men setting out on a journey to be "great". I am honored to be part of such a group and know it requires a sense of responsibility to continue working on myself as a trusted person to every other member.

One tool I use to carry this out is reading. Recently I have been reading a book called There`s No Such Thing As "BUSINESS" ETHICS written by John C. Maxwell. In the early stages of this book are some very profound conclusions on ethics that are seemingly easily avoided or ignored by leaders in business today.

In short, Ethics, Character, Integrity, Core Values are avoided or completely ignored by leaders in business based on a situation or situations. The impact of this behavior is a primary reason for some very good companies going into a economic downward spiral, never to recover and ultimately having a negative impact on the life and economies of anyone involved.

John Maxwell writes: I know it really is possible to do what`s right and succeed in business. In fact, according to the Ethics Resource Center in Washington, D.C., companies that are dedicated to doing the right thing, who have a written commitment to social responsibility, and act on it consistently are more profitable than those who don`t.

Again, I remind you that I am in the early stages of this book and I am confident that there will be more to write on later from this great read. For now let`s examine what John Wrote in this paragraph and examine our own life's actions.

  • Do What Is Right: In our Business, our everyday life, our jobs, are we dedicated to doing the right thing? do we do the right thing? Always?
  • Are we committed to a social responsibility? Do we hold our self accountable to those around us?
  • Do we consistently act on this commitment? Do our actions match with who we say we are? Always?

John also writes: It`s easy to discuss ethics and even easier to be disgusted with people who fail the ethics test---- especially when we have been violated by the wrong doing of others. It`s harder to make ethical choices in our own lives. When we are faced with unpleasant choices, what are we going to do?

In the 1980`s former President Ronald Reagan quipped that when it comes to the economy, it`s a recession when your neighbor loses his job, but it`s a depression when you lose yours!

Ethics is similar. It`s always harder when I`m the one having to make the choice.

I agree with John Maxwell that it really is possible to do what`s right and succeed in business. In fact, it`s possible to do what`s right and succeed at anything!

John Say`s If you embrace ethical behavior, will it automatically make you rich and successful? Of course not. Can it pave the way for you to become successful? Absolutely!

Ethics + Competence is a winning equation.

When you think of the subject of ethics, what is your gut reaction? Is it positive or negative?
Is it something you would look forward to thinking about, discussing, and applying to your life?
Deep down do you believe that a person can be ethical and still win?

On With The Journey,

Friday, February 27, 2009

Suggest A Book

This post is here to compile a list of books that you have found to be helpfull in any category of life. I will create a list on this blog from your suggestions. This will be a source for everyone to utilize that comes here for information.
Post your suggestions in the comments section of this post. Suggest as many and as often as you desire. helpful hint, include title, author and category such as "selfhelp", "leadership", "Family", "Marriage", "Finance", "Technology" etc..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creating Multiple Sources Of Income

I recently recieved a copy of Success Magazine and an article inside got my attention right away; Securing Your Financial Future......Creating multiple sources of income is the key to surviving and thriving.

Here are some guidelines of risk involved from high to low in my opinion:
  • Highest risk - Do Nothing.
  • High risk - Work to generate income from a source someone else owns and controls.
    Some of this can be beneficial financially but it has little or no long term security. Remember someone else owns the basket and can crush your fragile little financial eggs at any time.
  • Moderate risk - Work to generate income from a source you do not own but have control of your efforts to produce income.
    This needs to be crystal clear on income per results or it will be high risk.

Some questions to ask:

  1. When I get X amount of results, How much income will I receive? ( a stated range is acceptable)

  2. Is there a written legal compensation plan clearly stating this from the owner?

  3. Is the compensation plan directly tied to my results?, or can it be manipulated based on the owners discretion? In other words, do I really have consistent control of the income? (High risk if not)
  4. Is there a proven track record of the compensation plan? Has it been factual and consistent?
  • Less risk - Work to generate income from sources you own and control.
    In this case you are in full control of profit and loss. It`s your basket and your eggs. Note: This could move to high risk if you do not protect your basket!
    More of this can create long term financial security. This is where the entrepreneur thrives and survives. The more baskets of eggs that you own and control will equate to more financial security.

  • No risk - This does not exist!
    Not recommended. Income will not fall from the sky into your bank account while you do nothing.

For the longest time I was trained/mentored to put all my eggs in one basket and protect that basket. Now this may work if you own the basket! but if you don`t, a financial train wreck may be in your future. Now you may be thinking, why would you take such advice? and I will tell you it begins with trust and, it ends with trust or the lack of.

I, like many others believed there was security in the one basket focus because it gave us hope along with some money but did`nt deliver when it came to security. We have all seen this over and over in the media/news with companies/CEO`s/Owners who control the financial baskets who when the financial pressure hits, they do just about anything to keep more of their basket while leaving others with false hope heading for a financial train wreck. High Risk

Keep in mind that even if you own the basket and it is the only basket you have, the train wreck can still occur. The point here is create multiple sources of income, some you own and others may be owned by someone else.

I personally have made a conscious decision not only survive but thrive in creating multiple sources of income as the article suggests. One Goose, One Golden Egg. I don`t think so!..... Many Geese, Many Golden Eggs! :)

The very last thing I will do or suggest anyone do is take on a victim role or a poor me attitude. Instead I believe that the plans for the future need be addressed now with new advice and information that is readily available if we choose to pursue it. This is exactly why this article grabbed me!

This post is not intended to be financial advice. Creating multiple sources of income just makes sense, as does getting multiple sources of information. As for my thoughts on the one basket train wreck, you can take it or leave it but remember to use the old IBM slogan..... THINK.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl

Not the Super Bowl you`re thinking, but a story of people showing love to others who don`t always get it. People who are leaders that show love and compassion for others. We all have a choice when it comes to loving others, we can do things that hurt or do things that heal.

I cannot understand why someone would deliberately go about hurting others. Maybe it comes from low self esteem and by hurting someone else it gives them some sick sense of power? Or it might come from a need for recognition, "tear down all the buildings around you so that you can have the tallest building"! Or it could be greed, somehow by you losing they can gain financially. Maybe it is just plain self- centeredness, they just can`t have anyone appearing as good as them. In any case, I just don`t get it.

It is so much easier to lift up others and in doing so, love spreads even to those who may not otherwise get the love we all desire. Imagine a world where no one loved. I can`t imagine it either! Instead, what if we all spread love out to even those who no one else shows love to. What if, every time we felt like filling our own selfish needs, we instead found someone in need and served them first? This is leadership!

A leader who is willing to hurt or discard even one person in order to satisfy his/her selfish motives is not a leader! Leaders serve others even when there may be no self gain. They give love and show compassion to all, not just those who they have something to gain from.

My point is that serving others brings such joy to everyone and sets an example for others to serve and lead. Here is a short video of serving others and winning the Super Bowl of Love. Please watch... A football game gives hope

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Times Like These

I was introduced to a blog site by my good friend Motor called Raz Visioneering. There is a link to his blog here on this blog and I ask that everyone read his article/post called"It`s a law of the Universe" and here`s just a taste of what RAZ writes:

January 19, 1998 – Roy Miller wrote in his Monday Morning Memo – “Moments of emotional recovery are the best times to think about problems you have not been able to solve. Great, creative insights follow times of great stress. It’s a law of the universe.”Some of you are on the verge of some of the greatest, most creative moments of your life. Some of you have had long…trying…draining…moments of stress. Unlike anything you have ever experienced in your life or perhaps unlike anything you will ever experience again. You have to know and you have to realize that while the moment you have been enduring may seem incredibly tough…you are about to experience one of the most creative and perhaps the greatest moment of your life..........Click on the Raz link for the rest.

In addition I would like to share this with you, a framed copy of this hangs at my front door as a reminder to always do the right thing.


People are unreasonable, illogical & self -centered.

Love Them Anyway

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.

Be Kind Anyway

If you are successful, you will win some false friends & some true enemies.

Succeed Anyway

The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow.

Do Good Anyway

Honesty an frankness make you vulnerable.

Be Honest And Frank Anyway

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.

Build Anyway

People need help but may attack you if you try to help them.

Help Them Anyway

In the final analysis, it is between you & God;

It Was Never Between You And Them ANYWAY

Author Unknown

Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have to be honest, I can’t stop reading!

Novels really don’t do it for me, I need to be learning and adding value to my life and the lives of others so I read the other stuff. I decided to start a list of books so that anyone can see what I read and pick some for themselves if they choose. Also I have found that the price of a book can vary alot! so here are my thoughts on buying books.

1. Only pay full retail in emergency, got to have it now, can’t wait another second, I don’t have a book with me type situations.

2. Shop for books at 2nd hand stores like salvation army thrift stores, Goodwill, bargain books, used book stores etc. and be ready to buy when the price is good. It’s better to have good bargain books on my shelf than to pay full retail.

3. Shop Online. There are so many great sites with great deals on new and used books, and don’t be afraid to buy used, most sites give a very accurate description of condition.

4. Share books with others. If I find a book at a great price, I’ll buy two and give one to a friend. Whats cool is I have friends who do the same with me!

Share: Please share the places you buy books in the comments so that all of us can get the best deals.
Thanks in advance.
Read On!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Post

Ideas have consequences.

6-22-2008. Update: I read this about ideas in a book by Napolean Hill called The Master Key to Riches.
“Ideas that lead to success begin as definiteness of purpose. It is a well known fact that ideas are the only assets that have no fixed values. It is equally well known that ideas are the beginning of all achievements.”
I began this blog as an idea that somehow I could share thoughts and ideas with other people and build a blog to amazing heights and expand to a global conversation. The topics are some known and some not known but I had to start somewhere. Next I shared the Idea with a good friend during a long conversation that eventually lead us to the question I had to ask, “do you use blogs?”his reply, “not yet” And so it began.
My friend, James “Motor” Merritt is an amazing person and the more I am around him the more I learn of his qualities. As it turns out, Motor has been writing articles for his local news paper and he writes very very well! As we visited more on this topic of blogging it only seemed to fit that I ask him to begin this blog journey with me and before the day ended he had his blog site up and running. His articles/posts are awesome and I know this is only the beginning of the “Idea”. Motor And I live many miles apart but this seems to have brought us close together. Thanks Motor for taking this journey, I appreciate your work.
Soon others will know, then read, then share…..
We will build global blogs.
Check out Motor’s Blog