Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Post

Ideas have consequences.

6-22-2008. Update: I read this about ideas in a book by Napolean Hill called The Master Key to Riches.
“Ideas that lead to success begin as definiteness of purpose. It is a well known fact that ideas are the only assets that have no fixed values. It is equally well known that ideas are the beginning of all achievements.”
I began this blog as an idea that somehow I could share thoughts and ideas with other people and build a blog to amazing heights and expand to a global conversation. The topics are some known and some not known but I had to start somewhere. Next I shared the Idea with a good friend during a long conversation that eventually lead us to the question I had to ask, “do you use blogs?”his reply, “not yet” And so it began.
My friend, James “Motor” Merritt is an amazing person and the more I am around him the more I learn of his qualities. As it turns out, Motor has been writing articles for his local news paper and he writes very very well! As we visited more on this topic of blogging it only seemed to fit that I ask him to begin this blog journey with me and before the day ended he had his blog site up and running. His articles/posts are awesome and I know this is only the beginning of the “Idea”. Motor And I live many miles apart but this seems to have brought us close together. Thanks Motor for taking this journey, I appreciate your work.
Soon others will know, then read, then share…..
We will build global blogs.
Check out Motor’s Blog