Friday, March 13, 2009

Facing Your Giants

Whatever your plan, whatever your goal, whatever your dream, you will face some giants along the way that will test your faith. One of my all time favorite movies that exemplifies this is Facing The Giants. This movie was unlikely to ever make it as a box office hit for many reasons, but did. Millions of copies of the DVD have been sold across the globe and the movie theaters sold out everywhere. Still today, three years after it`s release, Facing the Giants is continuing to have an impact on our culture.

Another "Unlikely" took place this week, I/We got to meet Steve Williams who played the role of Larry Childers in Facing the Giants. In this role, Mr. Childers is bound to a wheelchair from Multiple Sclerosis. In the final play against the Giants, Mr. Childers stands from his wheelchair and leans his body against a fence behind the goal posts and raises both arms in the air as his son David attempts to kick a field goal longer than he has ever done. A powerful scene! (go watch the movie for the rest of the story.)
Larry Childers (Steve Williams) in real life works as a Regional Manager for an Agricultural Chemical Manufacturer. Steve travels throughout the U.S. as part of his occupation and Iowa is a frequent visit for him. What we learned from meeting Steve is that when he visits here, he takes his evenings to reach out to churches, schools and organizations, sharing a message of "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26. He does this on his time and his dime! There was no charge! just come and listen! He drove from Des Moines to Bondurant IA to meet people at the Bondurant High School. What an example!
He shares his faith and encourages everyone to follow God`s plan in all that they do. Steve`s message of handing everything over to God is loud and clear as he unfolds the story of how a small church in Albany Georgia and two brothers come to make a movie like Facing the Giants. God had a plan long before the movie was ever made and He was and is in control of that plan, say`s Steve. Our job is to give everything over to God, and he will reveal his plan to all of us.

Meeting Steve has been a blessing to us. We were able to have some time with him before he went back to Des Moines and we took some pics. to remind us of him.
A special thanks goes to Randy and Andee Duffy for somehow arranging the meeting with Steve and for snapping some pics for us and going the extra mile to make sure we got them. You two are clearly servants and we hope to get to know you more.
Here is one of the shot`s Andee Duffy took for us

Here`s a pic from my phone. Good Phone, Lousy Camera.

That`s Sierra in the Middle (sorry Winky)

Final Note:

  • Go get a copy of Facing The Giants and see for yourself the impact one movie can can have on your life and on culture. We need more movies like this!

John C. Maxwell Quote: "What an uplifting story of faith overcoming fear! We live in a world where fear and bad news seem to dominate our thoughts. It`s good to know someone is putting a positive message in the movies that will encourage people from all walks of life."

  • Share with us your own experience from watching the movie in the comments section.
  • Be bold in sharing your faith, hand this DVD to someone. People need God in their lives.
  • Always remember that God has a plan for you and "With God all things are possible" Matthew 19:26

On With The Journey,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Solid Foundation

Recently I joined a group of men on what simply can be called a journey, beginning with a solid foundation. The foundation is trust. Every person involved is part of the group because of trust and trustworthiness. Each agrees that with trust as the foundation, the longevity of the group is inevitable. This is a "good" group of men setting out on a journey to be "great". I am honored to be part of such a group and know it requires a sense of responsibility to continue working on myself as a trusted person to every other member.

One tool I use to carry this out is reading. Recently I have been reading a book called There`s No Such Thing As "BUSINESS" ETHICS written by John C. Maxwell. In the early stages of this book are some very profound conclusions on ethics that are seemingly easily avoided or ignored by leaders in business today.

In short, Ethics, Character, Integrity, Core Values are avoided or completely ignored by leaders in business based on a situation or situations. The impact of this behavior is a primary reason for some very good companies going into a economic downward spiral, never to recover and ultimately having a negative impact on the life and economies of anyone involved.

John Maxwell writes: I know it really is possible to do what`s right and succeed in business. In fact, according to the Ethics Resource Center in Washington, D.C., companies that are dedicated to doing the right thing, who have a written commitment to social responsibility, and act on it consistently are more profitable than those who don`t.

Again, I remind you that I am in the early stages of this book and I am confident that there will be more to write on later from this great read. For now let`s examine what John Wrote in this paragraph and examine our own life's actions.

  • Do What Is Right: In our Business, our everyday life, our jobs, are we dedicated to doing the right thing? do we do the right thing? Always?
  • Are we committed to a social responsibility? Do we hold our self accountable to those around us?
  • Do we consistently act on this commitment? Do our actions match with who we say we are? Always?

John also writes: It`s easy to discuss ethics and even easier to be disgusted with people who fail the ethics test---- especially when we have been violated by the wrong doing of others. It`s harder to make ethical choices in our own lives. When we are faced with unpleasant choices, what are we going to do?

In the 1980`s former President Ronald Reagan quipped that when it comes to the economy, it`s a recession when your neighbor loses his job, but it`s a depression when you lose yours!

Ethics is similar. It`s always harder when I`m the one having to make the choice.

I agree with John Maxwell that it really is possible to do what`s right and succeed in business. In fact, it`s possible to do what`s right and succeed at anything!

John Say`s If you embrace ethical behavior, will it automatically make you rich and successful? Of course not. Can it pave the way for you to become successful? Absolutely!

Ethics + Competence is a winning equation.

When you think of the subject of ethics, what is your gut reaction? Is it positive or negative?
Is it something you would look forward to thinking about, discussing, and applying to your life?
Deep down do you believe that a person can be ethical and still win?

On With The Journey,