Friday, February 4, 2011


Melanie and I have ebook readers from two different suppliers and we have found some advantages to both.
Melanie has a kindle and loves it! It`s thin light and runs for hours without a re-charge. One thing I have noticed is that the screen always looks very similar to a real book and works very well in sunlight. Kindle ebooks are very easy to order and download through Amazon.
I have a Pandigital Novel which is full color and touch screen. The ebooks come from Barnes & Noble just like the Nook by B & N. Reading at night is as easy as reading a book on a computer screen. Also the Novel is running droid as the platform so I can email, surf the web, watch video`s, listen to music etc...
One downside is the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight. I love some of the features available on the Novel like the calendar and email. Both of these functions allow me to keep my Painting business at my fingertips wherever I go. Overall we both love our ereaders and will never go back to paper books as long as ebooks are available. Anybody want to buy some bookshelves? :)